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Guardian Home Program


What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a very special home in which we place one of our puppies/adults into at no upfront cost to you. The dogs placed into Guardian Homes are the dogs in which we hope to keep in our breeding program for the future. 

The benefit of a Guardian Home is that this allows us to ensure that the dogs in our program are receiving the individual one-on-one attention that they need to live a happy life! 

We have a very small, successful group of Guardian Homes currently and this is something that we're excited to continue moving forward!

What is a Guardian Home responsible for?

Your job as a guardian home is to ensure that this dog is a beloved member of your family! You will be responsible for all basic pet care needs such as annual vet appointments, vaccinations, grooming appointments, food, etc. We will be solely responsible for all breeding-related expenses. 

You must live within 90 minutes of Warwick, RI to be eligible.

Males vs Females 

This is always a hot topic for guardian homes so let us explain! 

Females will not be utilized in our breeding program until they are 2 years of age and have completed all required health testing. This means you would have to be able to manage about 2-4 heats before she is bred. When all health testing is completed, when she comes into season, she will come to us for progesterone testing & breeding with our male of choice and then she will return home until about 30 days later when we schedule and ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. She will then return home until about a week prior to her due date. She will stay with us and her puppies until the puppies are 6-7 weeks of age and then she will be able to be picked up and return to her family. 

Males will also have to complete health testing at 2 years of age prior to actively being involved in our breeding program. Males will need to be available at this time for "as needed" breedings. 

Showing vs Sports

With our Guardian Home Dogs, we like to title them just as much as the dogs in our care. If showing/sports are not your thing, that's absolutely ok! If you want to learn/be involved, we ALWAYS welcome that as well! This means that if an event is coming up that we would like your dog to participate in, we will communicate this with you ahead of time and coordinate accordingly. Some Guardian Homes meet us at the event with the dog and some guardian homes will drop the dog off to us before the event and pick up after!


Guardian Home Dog Retirements can vary. The girls are often retired much earlier than the boys and at this time, we will communicate this with you and the dogs can be spayed/neutered within 6 months. 



DOB: 11/15/2023

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DOB: 05/31/2021


DOB: 05/20/2021

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