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Happy Clients

My sister and I have had an (ongoing) incredible experience with Karma and Courtney concerning a puppy my sister bought from a breeder who owns the puppy's mother; Courtney's dog is his father, Ace. We had a horrific experience with said breeder and have cut all ties since they abandoned us. Courtney has been nothing short of amazing with how much she has done for my sister and this dog.
My sister's puppy was picked up at five months old in late November. We were not given paperwork of any kind, not even a breeder's contract. No health records; we were told to call the vet he and his litter had seen, which he had stopped being taken to once he went home with this breeder. We asked multiple times and were given the runaround until we contacted Courtney about it. She gave us everything we needed.
When we picked up the puppy, he was malnourished, emaciated, had all of his hip bones jutting out, every rib was pronounced, he had two parasites coccidia and giardia that were not managed by the former breeder (he should have had continued de-wormings that were not maintained), we were told that he did not have his rabies vaccine which Courtney rectified when she gave us his paperwork (he did, in fact, have it), he had three engorged ticks on his body, he was weak and couldn't walk properly, and he was not crate or potty trained anymore. I say 'anymore' because Courtney did train him and take care of him and his littermates until they went to their homes; this puppy was the breeder's pick, so he went back with the other breeder. For the record, Courtney did not know that any of this abuse/neglect was happening.
Since then, thousands of dollars have been spent on his care and nursing him back to health, which the other breeder did not help with at all. In fact, they refused and claimed he wasn't too skinny - a 5 month old male GSD puppy should not weigh 30 pounds, fyi. Even showline. He now weighs 52 pounds at 7 months old. He has had three rounds of medication to get rid of the parasites, multiple vet visits, we have had to bleach clean my sister's apartment multiple times, frequently visit the laundromat to wash all of his bedding, car seat covers, toys, and our clothes, and we've had to steam clean literally everything. He is now giardia-free as of a few days ago! With much thanks to Courtney's help and guidance.
Courtney didn't have to help but she has offered infinite amounts of advice, grooming, and other overall care. She is everything a breeder should be, and then some. She truly cares about these dogs and their offspring and will be with you for the entirety of your dog's life. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her.

Amanda & Cinaed

We got our puppy Maxwell from Courtney at Karma Kennels. It was the best experience. She helped us every step of the way and we are very happy with our healthy pup!!

Amber W.

Courtney is the friendliest handler/breeder I have yet to work with. especially for someone newer to the breed. she health tests and titles her dogs front and back and doesn't hesitate to help new people. cannot recommend Courtney enough!


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