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Raising Quality AKC German Shepherd Dogs since 2016.

Karma Kennels breeds quality, health tested and titled AKC German Shepherd Dogs for the discerning GSD lover. Our German Shepherd Puppies are raised using Puppy Culture Training Protocols by Nationally Awarded Dog Trainer, Courtney Moshier. 

Our Mission

The Mission behind Karma Kennels is to pursue consistent excellence within our breed per the American Kennel Club's and The German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Breed Standard

"The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. It is well balanced, with harmonious development of the forequarter and hindquarter. The dog is longer than tall, deep-bodied, and presents an outline of smooth curves rather than angles. It looks substantial and not spindly, giving the impression, both at rest and in motion, of muscular fitness and nimbleness without any look of clumsiness or soft living. The ideal dog is stamped with a look of quality and nobility--difficult to define, but unmistakable when present. Secondary sex characteristics are strongly marked, and every animal gives a definite impression of masculinity or femininity, according to its sex."

At Karma Kennels, Genetic Health Testing and Temperament Testing play a key role when it comes to our breeding stock. We aim to produce the most mentally sound, healthy, agile and workable dogs that our breed was intended for. Our puppies are bred to thrive regardless of whether they go to a pet home, working/performance home or show home and that is something that we hold dear to our hearts as we work with one of the most versatile breeds. 

Our dogs all participate in the German Shepherd Dog Club of America's Temperament Test's when available in our area and all of our dogs are tested through Embark Genetic Testing and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals prior to breeding.